Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wimberley, Tx - 2nd Annual "Girls" Trip

At the beginning of November (yes, LAST YEAR....I'm SO BEHIND!!!), we had our 2nd Annual "girls getaway" with some close family friends of ours.  The year before we met up in Fredricksburg for the weekend and had a great time.  This year we decided to go to their "stomping grounds" and just hang.  I was SO excited to take Kinley on her first girls trip for the weekend.

Friday morning, mom and I packed up the Tahoe and headed to Wimberley, Tx to spend the weekend with Cathy, Taylor, and Landry.  We had such a fun weekend!!!  Wimberley is just beautiful.  Sweet Landry did such a good job sharing all of her things with Kinley and even sang a couple of songs to keep her entertained.

I'm already looking forward to this year's trip....I think we've decided on a weekend in College Station (no little girls) to visit Taylor during her first year of college at A&M.  :0)

Here are a few pics from the weekend....

       Saturday Morning - Landry playing with Kinley

We went to the Wimberley "Canton!"  I think Taylor had a basketball tournament that morning so she didn't go with us.  She met up with us later on in the day.  Landry loved pushing Kinley in the stroller.  She was such a BIG helper!!  Landry wanted to take a picture for Tay by the A&M yard art.  I thought a little GUNS UP would be just perfect!!! hehe.

After lunch, we headed back to the house to hang out and rest before dinner.  Below is Kinley playing with her new toy they got her.

 Tay came home, we all got cleaned up and headed to Greene, Tx to have a little dinner at the Gristmill.  It was very yummy and has such a neat atmosphere.

                  Beautiful Tay Tay and K
                 The kiddos....Me, Landry, Taylor, and Kinley
      Landry wanted to hold Kinley but she was so wiggly.
                 Precious Landry and Kinley

The beautiful Momma's....They have known each other for a LONG time.  Mom actually use to teach Cathy dance.  There's been a lot of fun times with these two.

Cathy and her girls are so special to us.  I'm lucky that someone (Cathy) "got it together" between the 3 of us and finally organized something.  We've been saying that we need to do this for years and it's finally happened.  I'm very blessed to have these girls in my life and I can't wait to see what the next few years brings us.

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