Thursday, April 28, 2011

100 YEARS OLD!!!

Raymond Hunn, my GREAT-Grandpa turned 100 years old in November.  We all loaded up and headed  to Wichita Falls on Sunday, November 21st to celebrate.  We met him at church (yes, he still drives!) and after the service, they served us a lovely lunch, in Papa Hunn's honor.  Marcus was even able to come (he coaches in Wichita now) so it was great to have the whole family together.

Here are a few pics from the day...

5 GENERATIONS (You don't see that often)

 Podge and Kinley

 They made him wear this button that says "IT"S MY 100TH BIRTHDAY!"


 Papa Hunn loves to fish so this was the perfect cake for him

Uncle Marcus was entertaining Kinley

       Me and my Bubba

       Who are these 2 goofs???

 Coach Shavers talking K through some football plays he drew out on the board.

                             Big GIRL!!!

It was a fast "day" trip for us but I'm SO glad we were able to celebrate in this day with Pops.  We are very blessed to still have him around.  He lives in Wichita Falls by himself and still does pretty much everything for himself.  He doesn't hear very well but nothing a little raise of the voice won't cure.  Thank you Lord for his health.  We have a little joke in the family that he's going to out live us all....he just may.  I pray we are able to celebrate a couple more years with this precious man!  

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