Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hard Week

Monday, December 7th I got the call from Dr. Bailey's office with my Glucose test results.  It came back showing that I do have gestational diabetes.  Dr. Bailey's nurse told me that I needed to contact the Center for Lifestyle Management and set up an appointment with them.  After I got off the phone, I took a deep breath and tried not to cry.  I think it was the fear of the unknown.  So of course, I broke down in tears.  I talked to Preston and called mom at work.  I was SO upset.  I knew everything was going to be okay, I just didn't know what was going to happen next from here.

I immediately called over to the Center and got an appointment for the following day with them.  The lady said she would be emailing me the papers that needed to be filled out for my appointment.  I also needed to call my insurance and get a glucose meter ordered.  I did just that.  The insurance company said that because it was for gestational diabetes that they could overnight it to me.  So as of 12:00pm, everything that needed to be done was completed.  Now it was a waiting game for the next day.

Around 3:30pm that same day, I got another call from Dr. Bailey's nurse saying that there might be a problem with my labs.  She was taking another look and there could have been a possibility that they switched my 2nd and 3rd hour results.  If this was the case, then I DO NOT have gest. diabetes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  After all the emotions I had gone through that morning?  Goodness!  Arisele (Dr.'s nurse) said that she wanted me to come in tomorrow morning for another fasting bloodwork and to go ahead and cancel my appt with center until they find out anything further.  The lab had agreed to re-run my blood at no charge (gee, thanks!) and that hopefully she would know something when I got there in the morning.  At this point, there was still a little bit of hope that everything was ok and I didn't have gest diabetes.  So, home I went for the night.  I think knowing this at least allowed me to calm down a little bit and have a good night.

I went in Tuesday morning for bloodwork.  It was fast and simple.  As I was leaving, I asked the ladies in the front office if Arisele was in yet.  They told me that she was probably on her way but had not made it in.  Of course!  I was doing good until now.  I leave the office and go downstairs.  As I'm about to walk out the door, in walks Arisele (Praise the Lord!).  I stopped her and asked if she knew anything yet?  She said that she was on her way upstairs right now to see what she can find out and that she would call me soon....back to work I go.  About an hour or so later,  Arisele called me to let me know that they re-ran my labs and everything was still the same.  I DO have gestational diabetes.  Boy, what a roller coaster!  She instructed me to call this other doctor and get in with him.  I have no clue why not the same place she told me at first, but I did what she said. 

When I called this office, they said they could not see me until January 31st.  Ha!  At this time, I'm just about starting to freak out a little bit.  I went ahead and made an appointment just in case, then I called back to Dr. Bailey's office and told Arisele.  She said she would call me back once she talked to Dr. Bailey.  So once again, I wait.  I hear back from Arisele and she says that I cannot wait that long to go ahead and get set up at the Center again.  I called them back and was able to get an appointment that friday morning from 8am-10am.  They said that we would meet an hour with a nurse and an hour with a dietician.  I felt better now that we had something set, but I was still SO upset.

This week was definitely one of the most stressful weeks that I have had in a long time.  It was a VERY hard week for Preston and I as well.  Again, I think a lot of it was the fear of the unknown from the both of us.  Neither of us understood a whole lot about what was going on or what was going to have to happen in order to get it all under control and it made for a VERY emotional week.  The hardest part was having to wait until friday to get all of our questions answered.  But we did, and we made it was close though. ha!

Our friday morning appointment at the Center for Lifestyle Enhancement went really well.  Preston went with me and was able to ask any questions that he wanted.  Which I think helped him a lot and definitely what he needed to do.  I learned how to take my blood and was instructed that I needed to do that 4 times a day.  I was also given a restricted meal plan of eating 6 times a day.  We learned a lot about the "disease" and  I was very thankful we were both there to learn what we needed to.

After that appointment, we headed to Dr. Bailey's office for a regular checkup.  Again, we were able to talk to her about any other questions or concerns we had about this.  It was a day much needed after the week we had, and we both felt good about things once we were finished.   

We are scheduled to go back to both offices in a couple of weeks to check up on everything.  Let the meal planning and blood taking begin!  Hopefully I can get everything under control where I won't have to take any insulin.  As of right now, it's all diet controlled and I couldn't be more happy. 


My 1st Baby Shower - December 5th, 2009

My first shower was Saturday, December 5th at 10:00 in the morning.  It was given by some very good friends of my mom.  These women are basically like family to me.  They have pretty much known me since I was born and I appreciate all that they did.  It was a lovely shower and I couldn't have asked for anything better. 

This shower was mostly Preston's family, mom's work friends, a few close friends, family friends, and my family.  We got SO much stuff at the shower.  I couldn't believe it.  I'm so thankful for everyone that could attend.  It was great to see everyone.  Some of the people I hadn't seen since our wedding, so it was really nice.   

Here are a few pictures from the morning.  (Please excuse my "puffy-ness."  I showed Preston a picture from these and asked him if I actually looked like that now?  He told me that I don't, so I'm hoping it's true.  Ha!  This was the weekend right before I found out my results of the 3 hour test) 

Mona, Me, Mom, and Malynn (not the best pic but it's one of the only pictures I took with some of the hostess'.  Here are 2 out of the 5 total.)
Me and Adrianne (Thanks Ady for being the "picture taker")
Me and Ash (thanks for being the "gift writer")
Just a few of the gifts....
This was from my mother-in-law...I can't wait to get her in this!

A big THANK YOU to Malynn Harris, Karen McDonald, Mona Simpson, Nicole Sivie, and Cathy White for giving me such a wonderful shower.  I love you all and can't wait for you to meet Kinley!

My 28th Birthday!

Things seem to be really crazy this year.  I feel like each day is flying right by and before I know it, it's going to be 2010 and Kinley will be here.  I turned 28 on Friday, December 4th. 

My day started off sitting in Dr. Bailey's office doing the 3 hour glucose test.  I had to be there at 7:30am.  They took my blood right away and then I had to drink the oh so famous "sugary drink" again.  From there, I headed back to the waiting room to sit for an hour.  Once that hour was up, it was time to draw blood again.  In all, I had 3 hours of waiting and 4 blood draws...just fabulous!! 

After my test was over, I had lunch with mom (I WAS SO HUNGRY) and we ran some errands.  It was wonderful to spend my last friday off of the year with my momma. 

That night, we headed to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  It was a great time with all my family and the Reynolds.  I even had banana cream cheesecake for dessert.  I only ate half and passed the rest down the table because I was SO full, but it was YUMMY!!! 

All in all, I had a great day, even if I had to spend the first 3 hours of my day sitting in a Dr's office.  I'm so blessed with everything that I have.  27 was a spectacular year and I'm excited to see what 28 has in store for me. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

November 30th - Glucose Results

Monday, November 30th, I got a call about my 1 hr Glucose test results....I FAILED! :-(  They said that my levels were 146 and they like for them to be under 140.  So, I had to schedule a 3 hour test now.  Ugh!  I scheduled my test for Friday, December 4th @ 7:30am.  Nothing like starting off your birthday at a Doctor's office for 3 hours.  Oh well! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Puttin' up the lights!

After a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch and a little lounging around at John and Debbie's house, we decided it was time to go home and get out the lights.  Kyle was on his way from Midlothian to help Preston and his brother would be there soon enough to help as well.  I wasn't loving the idea that he was doing this at night but I felt a lot better with Kyle and Keith being there.  I helped a little bit, but I definitely wasn't that much help.  Keith brought Alicia with him, so once they got there, her and I headed to Starbucks for a little hot chocolate.  When we got back we pulled a couple of our front porch chairs out to the middle of the sidewalk.  We sat in the chairs, cuddled up with a blanket and our hot chocolate and watched the boys work away.  I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of the boys.....

Preston on the roof, Kyle on the ladder

Getting close....

Preston lounging while the other two are untangling the lights below

Here's our pretty house!!!



Thanksgiving was at Mimi and Papa's house this year.  We woke up early and headed out the door around 9am to Trenton, Tx.  I love this time of year because we get to spend a little extra time with family and I love every minute.  It was a little different this year because Dad, Tyler, and Marcus weren't there.  Darren McFadden (Marcus' best friend that plays for the Oakland Raiders) got them tickets to the Cowboy game, so they missed out on Thanksgiving this year.  We had lots of food and family time.  Of course I was bad and didn't take any pictures.  I think I actually took a couple of pictures of the food with my phone and sent them to Dad to show them what they were missing out on.  Ha!  I know...mean. 

It worked out well this year because Preston's brother, Keith, and his girlfriend, Alicia, wouldn't be in town until Friday so we had Thanksgiving with Debbie and John on Friday.  We normally go to her house after having it with my family and I always feel so bad because we are stuffed by then.  It was nice having it the next day so we could enjoy everything again!! ;-) 

All in all, Thanksgiving was wonderful!!  Preston and I have SO much to be thankful for and we are truly blessed for all that we have.  We thank the good Lord for our precious families, wonderful friends, jobs, our house, and everything else that we have.  We wouldn't be who we are without Him. 

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!   

Glucose Test and 7 month check up

Wednesday, November 25th @ 1:15pm, I had my 7 month checkup appointment with Dr. Bailey.  I had my 1 hour glucose test.  I had to drink a very "sugary" drink 30 minutes before my appointment and then had my blood drawn exactly 1 hour from the point of starting the drink.  This test will look for Gestational Diabetes.  I should find out the results in a couple of days. 

At this appointment, I addressed my swelling with her and she didn't seem worried because my blood pressure has been really good.  She said that some women swell and when they do, they all swell at different points in their pregnancies.  She said unless we start seeing other signs and/or symptoms that there are no worries.  Her heartrate was 141 and everything looked great!   

Now we just wait for the results of the 1 hr glucose test.......


During the week of Thanksgiving, I received a package on the front door step.  I LOVE getting packages!!!  I quickly brought the package in and saw that it was from my sweet friend "Paige."  I tore it open and to my surprise I found a note saying, "From one Britney fan to another...."  And accompanying the note, I saw "THE" onesie!!  I remember seeing a picture of her son in it and I commented on the picture saying, "I NEED that!!!"  I was SO excited that she sent it to ME!!  I just couldn't believe it.  I picked up the phone and immediately called my momma.  Now, we are on a mission to find a matching gold bow to go with her Britney onesie! ;-)  Thanks SO much Paigey!!! Love you!  

I can't get this picture to turn for some reason, so you just have to turn your head sideways to get a good look!  Can't wait to get her picture in this one. 

Cathy comes to paint...

Our dear family friend, Cathy White, graciously volunteered to help me out with the nursery.  She loves to paint and is very good at what she does.  I was so excited when she told me she would love to paint my nursery for me.  Cathy lives in Wimberly, Tx, so we had to wait until she could find a weekend to get down here and get started. 

Preston and I painted the majority of the room (green) that Sunday night and then she came Monday, November 23rd to start on it.  She finished up all the trim work that Preston and I left specifically for her to do and then started taping off the lines.  At this point, she was still unsure what she was going to do, but thought she would start something and see what I thought.

Cathy painting the trim while mom looks on

She taped off small stripes and painted them hot pink

There will be 2 walls with stripes...the one she already did and the wall that you see to the right.

Now it's time for the brown stripes!  As you can see, one of the sides on the brown stripe has a curvy edge.  It was getting pretty late and Cathy wasn't sure that she liked it, so she ended up leaving one brown stripe for me to "live" with for a couple weeks until she could make it back again to finish it up and to give me time to decide if I liked it or not.   

I think I'm lovin' it!!!  It's something a little different than the normal straight line. 


Well, here I am at 28 weeks (November 22nd)!  I really can't believe I'm only 12 weeks away.  Things are definitely changing.  I have noticed that my feet and hands have really started to swell.  My ankles swell more than my hands do.  I'm also having a little more pain in my hips and back.  I feel like the "tiredness" has hit me again.  Almost to the extent it was during the 1st trimester, but I'm hanging in there.  Don't get me wrong, pregnancy is still so much fun.  I'm loving every minute of it!  I guess you can ask me that in a few more weeks or I'll make sure to answer that question.  ha!   

Here are few pics of me at 28 weeks.....and a couple of my swollen ankles and feet.  :-)

Where did my ankles go?  These pictures are actually pretty good compared to a couple I have on my phone. 

Looking forward to seeing what this pregnancy brings me and my body during the next 3 months...did I really say looking foward?  ha!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy Weekend....a lot accomplished!!! (continued from last post)

This was a VERY busy weekend.  Not only did I get both trees decorated, a few other things happened as well. 

Friday, I had a wonderful surprise at my front door!  It was our TRAVEL SYSTEM!!! I thought to myself, who in the world did that?  I opened the packing slip and saw that it was from Crystal and Brent!!  I was SO very excited.  Sad that Crystal wasn't going to be able to make the shower, but excited because we got our first big gift.  That was SO incredibly nice of them to do and we couldn't be more appreciative.  Brent and Crys have always been a special part of my life (heck, they babysat me when I was little and I love to hear the story of her always checking on me to make sure I was still breathing when I was alseep). 

I also got a call on Friday that our glider and ottoman for the nursery had come in.  This was turning out to be a very exciting day!   So once we got finished with the trees, mom and I went to go pick it up at BuyBuyBaby.

Saturday was kind of a busy day for me...P had a playoff game and then I had a wedding to go to that night, so not a whole lot got done, but that's okay.  Sunday, I got up, went to church to keep my babies and when I returned, Preston had put together the glider and had started on the travel system.

Below is a picture of our new glider and ottoman that Preston put together and also a few of our new stroller, car seat, and base!!!


Later that day, we decided it was time to start taping off and painting the nursery....Cathy would be coming that next day to start on painting the accents.  Let me just tell you, taping + Amy + Preston + Painting = not a good thing!  We made it through it, but definitely not something the two of us should do together all the time.  ha!

Here it is!  Like I said, Cathy will be coming tomorrow to finish up all the edging and start the stripes.  Stay tuned for more pictures!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time to Decorate!

Friday, November 20th - Mom, Mimi, and Papa came over to get the decorating started!  Actually Mom came first and we got started on the 6ft tree.  I haven't had all of my personal ornaments out on a tree since I lived in my apartment in Richardson so it was a real treat to be able to get them all back out again.  Mom and I had lots of fun looking at all the dates on my ornaments and talking about each person that I got them from.  Through the years, I have been really good about writing on the box or the ornament who it was from, what year, and the occassion, if any. 

If anyone needs a good idea for a "someone special" in their lives, give ornaments!  Crystal and Brent Railsback have done that for me and my brother every Christmas growing up and it's been a very special thing for the both of us.  Each year, they would give us an ornament that pretty much pertained to something in our lives at that time.  I have one for my first car, a few college ones, gymnastics and cheerleading ornaments, "lake" related ornaments, and many more.  They wrote on each box the year and that it was from them.  I have kept all of the original boxes for the ornaments and like I said, it's so much fun to think back on all the memories over the years.  So, a HUGE thanks to Crys and Brent for doing that for me.  It's definitely something special that I will get to look back on and "remember" every year.  Love you guys!

Nothing special, but here is the small tree that sits in our dining room window with all of our "fun" ornaments.

Excuse the paint on the back wall, I am deciding on paint colors. ;-)

Here's the tree with the lights on.  

Now for the BIG tree in the living room and fireplace mantle!  This is our 2nd Christmas to be in our house, so we've only had this tree and the decorations for 2 years.  I'm so thankful to have my momma help me, especially this year, being almost 7 months pregnant.  Mimi and Papa were here by this time so they joined in on all the fun too!  

.....and we have a DECORATED TREE!!! YAY!!!

With lights!!! Can't wait to get presents under it.