Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Girl stuff here I come...CANTON

I've always heard great things about Canton but until the beginning of this year, I had never been. Friday, October 2nd, I was able to head out there for my second time this year. I was SO excited to go because we had just found out we were having a girl and they have TONS of cute stuff!!!

Me, Mom, Mimi, and Adrianne headed out early friday morning and spent the day finding all kinds of goodies. I could have gone waayyyyy overboard but I think I did pretty well. I only ended up buying 2 outfits. Mom also bought a few things for her 1st granddaughter including some diaper covers, a couple of onesies, and some bows.

Here are pictures of what I bought for Baby Gill. I will be getting some of moms gifts at my baby shower so those pictures won't be posted until then.

The onesie says "Imported from Heaven." I love the ruffles on the pants and the matching bow.

Here is a onesie, matching leg warmers and a bow. I can't wait to get these on her!! I absolutely LOVE Canton! There is just SO much there and both times I've been we haven't been able to hit it all. I wish we were able to have more time, but that just means next time, we've gotta make a weekend out of it! hehe!

IT'S A......


Well, it's official....We had our big "sono" on Wednesday, September 30th @ 3:00pm. Everything looked great and the sonographer said that Dr. Albert was right if he told us we were having a girl!!!

You might be wondering how Preston took the news? I know he was still holding out for a little boy but I think being told it "might" be a girl a few weeks earlier really helped. We are both very excited and can't wait to have a "pretty pretty little princess (as P called her)!" We are so thankful and blessed that everything looked good. Dr. Bailey said that all of her measurements looked great and she seemed to be doing well. I can't wait to see what the next few months bring!

We didn't get very good sonogram pics. The sonographer printed the "girl" one but it's so small you can't really see anything. And then we got one of her face but it's really hard to tell. I will try and get them uploaded soon and I'll update this blog once I do.

Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Months Pregnant

Sunday, Sept 27th.....I'M 5 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! Wow, I can't believe another month has gone by. It's going by SO fast. I'm not sure how much longer I will be saying that, but I do feel that it's flying right by.

Lately, I've been feeling great!! All of my nausea is completely gone and has been for a few weeks and my indigestion has calmed down a bit. I'm wearing maternity clothes now and not really able to wear any of my regular pants, but that's okay because I'm enjoying every minute. I really haven't had any weird food cravings yet, or at least any that I think are too weird. I haven't been working out much which isn't good. I'm hoping to get moving more these next couple of months, so we'll see. I've been trying to take pictures about every 2 weeks. I feel that these were the first pictures where I actually start to "look" pregnant, so I thought I would share.

Here I am at 20 weeks

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Baby Shower!!

Saturday, September 26th was Amber's shower in McKinney. It seems that SO many of my friends are pregnant and having babies right now and I LOVE IT!! It's so much fun to be able to go through all of this together. I love having them to call for advice, share stories, and just to talk to.

Amber is another one of my best friends from college. She was my "accounting" buddy and I truly believe she was one of the reasons that I got through it all. She's an amazing friend. Even though she's another friend I don't see often, we talk on the phone as much as we can. Her and her husband, Brandon, live in Ft. Worth and they are expecting their first child, Adelynn Grace, on October 30th. I'm so excited that we are having little girls together!! She is my first friend to have a little girl this year....they've ALL been sweet baby boys!

Both mom and I were able to go. I was excited to be able to see one of our other college buds, Monica. Amber and Monica were roommates and I basically lived with them my senior year. They are both very speical to me!

Here is a picture of me, Amber, and Monica at the shower

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brady Hart Blankenship

After my doctor's appointment that friday, I headed over to Hurst to see Baby Brady!!! One of my best friends from college (Paige, I blogged about her shower earlier) gave birth to Brady Hart Blankenship (by way of C-section) on 9/9/09. The neat thing about this date was that her and her husband were married on 7/7/07...this was SO Paige!! ;-) Anyways, Brady came into this world weighing a whopping 10lbs 12oz and 21 inches long....just a healthy baby boy.

I figured the hospital would be crazy with family, friends, etc., so I decided to wait until they got home and settled before I went to see them. This day was the perfect opportunity and I'm so glad that I was able to go. Paige looked absolutely wonderful, maybe just a little tired, as expected from any new mother. And Brady was absolutely adorable!!!
Paige and Justin are going to be wonderful parents and I love that we are getting to share in this experience together. I just wish we lived a little closer so we could spend more time together. Oh well, it just makes every moment I do spend with her very special. Paige and I share a VERY special bond and we have from the moment we met in our sorority. We are very different people, but I have always believed that's what makes us who we are in our friendship. We bring out the best in each other! I love you PAIGEY and I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Check-up

Friday, September 18th @ 9:30am, I had my monthly check-up. Dr. Bailey used the doppler to listen to the heartbeat. She kind of had to chase it around a little bit because the baby was moving like crazy. What a sweet sound to hear though once she tracked it down! I never knew how "in love" you could be with a heartbeat? But I love hearing it!!

After that, she felt around on my tummy for a little bit and said everything felt and looks great! She also informed me that I was getting my flu shot that day, which I had never had before. It was a piece of cake though, I didn't even feel it. Dr. Bailey wanted to see me in 2 weeks for the big "sono." I had been waiting for those words! We can't wait to find out if this baby is "for sure" a Girl or a Boy! Most of all, we pray that I'm carrying a healthy baby. I guess we will know for sure very soon.....stay tuned!

Monday, October 5, 2009

September - It's time to make room for the baby!!!

I'm not working friday's right now and that is soon going to come to an end. I decided that I should probably take full advantage of these last couple of months with friday's off and get started on making room for the baby.

Right now, the baby's room is filled with many things. First of all, it has been our "boys" room for the past year or so. Their kennels are in there and that's where they sleep everynight. There's not many more places they can go in our house because their kennels take up so much room, but we decided that the study would be the best place. The closet is full of Preston's hunting clothes, some of my clothes, tubs of picture albums, decorations, and more. The Christmas tree and all of my Christmas decorations are also in the room. There are a ton of things that still need to be hung up around the house just sitting in one of the corners. Also, when mom and dad moved out of "our old house," we moved EVERYTHING that was mine to this room. This included all my old high school and gymnastics stuff. Needless to say, this room was full!!!!

In order to start on this room, we needed to get the dog kennel's out and moved into the study. Well, the study was a complete disaster too. There were papers everywhere!!! Mostly because I hadn't been filing them and they were collecting everywhere possible. So, the study is where we started. I was able to get rid of a lot of stuff....old bills, receipts, papers, etc. I wish I would have taken a pic of the study before, but I didn't. It was horrible!!

Here is the finished product!!

Mom and Mimi - proud of all their hard work!! Thanks so much for your help....I couldn't have done it without ya'll! Love you!

We took the boys' kennels outside and washed them out with the water hoses and got them all nice and clean.

Here are the kennels in their "new room."

This pretty much took up most of the day. We decided to give it a rest for the day and pick up again the next friday. So a week went by, and this is what we started with.....

A work in progress!!!

As you can see, there was trash and Goodwill piles everywhere!!! But it felt so good to FINALLY get rid of stuff.

No picture of the finish product yet! The closet is cleaned out but there is still stuff in the room. The gun safe still needs to be moved out and there is a lot that needs to go in the garage. Like I said, it's a work in progress and we have definitely made some! Hopefully there will be another post soon, showing a CLEAN room that's ready for Baby Gill!