Sunday, May 8, 2011

Turkey Time

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Trenton on Wednesday and stayed the night.  I love going to my mommy and daddy's house.  Spending the night made things a little easier so we didn't have to drive there Thursday morning and then come back that night.  I didn't get a whole lot of pics worth posting, but thought I would post some of the food!  We fried 2 turkey's this year and had a little ham.  Fried turkey has become a tradition in our family for Thanksgiving.  The meat is so juicy and YUMMY!

You would think we were feeding an army!

We went home Thursday night and then Friday we headed out to Debbie and John's for a little Thanksgiving lunch with more family.  It was a nice lunch with just us and Keith (Preston's brother) and Alicia (Keith's girlfriend). 

Kinley loves to sit with "Aunt Alicia" and sing to Elmo's Song on the computer

 It was a great time with some wonderful family.  Next year, I hope to take more pictures. ha!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

100 YEARS OLD!!!

Raymond Hunn, my GREAT-Grandpa turned 100 years old in November.  We all loaded up and headed  to Wichita Falls on Sunday, November 21st to celebrate.  We met him at church (yes, he still drives!) and after the service, they served us a lovely lunch, in Papa Hunn's honor.  Marcus was even able to come (he coaches in Wichita now) so it was great to have the whole family together.

Here are a few pics from the day...

5 GENERATIONS (You don't see that often)

 Podge and Kinley

 They made him wear this button that says "IT"S MY 100TH BIRTHDAY!"


 Papa Hunn loves to fish so this was the perfect cake for him

Uncle Marcus was entertaining Kinley

       Me and my Bubba

       Who are these 2 goofs???

 Coach Shavers talking K through some football plays he drew out on the board.

                             Big GIRL!!!

It was a fast "day" trip for us but I'm SO glad we were able to celebrate in this day with Pops.  We are very blessed to still have him around.  He lives in Wichita Falls by himself and still does pretty much everything for himself.  He doesn't hear very well but nothing a little raise of the voice won't cure.  Thank you Lord for his health.  We have a little joke in the family that he's going to out live us all....he just may.  I pray we are able to celebrate a couple more years with this precious man!  

Her Buddy!

 Kinley has a new buddy!  She has discovered the boys in the backyard and loves to tap on the window.  Bo, our lab, really doesn't have much interest in K, but Shiner is very interested.  I'm sure they are going to be great buddies.


Yes...I said Christmas tree.  The weekend before Thanksgiving I put up our Christmas tree.  I normally put it up the weekend before and then decorate it the weekend after.  I was SO excited for Christmas this year. I think having a child makes the Holidays kind of fun (not like they aren't already, but you get the point).  Friday afternoon while Kinley was napping, I took it upon myself to start the process.  When K woke from her nap, I grabbed the camera and caught the first moments of her seeing the tree.  It melted my heart!!!

                   Hmmmm....What's this Mom?

     She looks like she I concentrating hard.

                    Precious little hand

                       I think she's happy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wimberley, Tx - 2nd Annual "Girls" Trip

At the beginning of November (yes, LAST YEAR....I'm SO BEHIND!!!), we had our 2nd Annual "girls getaway" with some close family friends of ours.  The year before we met up in Fredricksburg for the weekend and had a great time.  This year we decided to go to their "stomping grounds" and just hang.  I was SO excited to take Kinley on her first girls trip for the weekend.

Friday morning, mom and I packed up the Tahoe and headed to Wimberley, Tx to spend the weekend with Cathy, Taylor, and Landry.  We had such a fun weekend!!!  Wimberley is just beautiful.  Sweet Landry did such a good job sharing all of her things with Kinley and even sang a couple of songs to keep her entertained.

I'm already looking forward to this year's trip....I think we've decided on a weekend in College Station (no little girls) to visit Taylor during her first year of college at A&M.  :0)

Here are a few pics from the weekend....

       Saturday Morning - Landry playing with Kinley

We went to the Wimberley "Canton!"  I think Taylor had a basketball tournament that morning so she didn't go with us.  She met up with us later on in the day.  Landry loved pushing Kinley in the stroller.  She was such a BIG helper!!  Landry wanted to take a picture for Tay by the A&M yard art.  I thought a little GUNS UP would be just perfect!!! hehe.

After lunch, we headed back to the house to hang out and rest before dinner.  Below is Kinley playing with her new toy they got her.

 Tay came home, we all got cleaned up and headed to Greene, Tx to have a little dinner at the Gristmill.  It was very yummy and has such a neat atmosphere.

                  Beautiful Tay Tay and K
                 The kiddos....Me, Landry, Taylor, and Kinley
      Landry wanted to hold Kinley but she was so wiggly.
                 Precious Landry and Kinley

The beautiful Momma's....They have known each other for a LONG time.  Mom actually use to teach Cathy dance.  There's been a lot of fun times with these two.

Cathy and her girls are so special to us.  I'm lucky that someone (Cathy) "got it together" between the 3 of us and finally organized something.  We've been saying that we need to do this for years and it's finally happened.  I'm very blessed to have these girls in my life and I can't wait to see what the next few years brings us.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Halloween

Kinley's first Halloween was a success!  Thanks to my good friend, Angi W., we had the perfect costume for our little "Angel."  Halloween was on a Sunday this year and so was our church's Fall Festival.  We loaded up and headed to meet my mom and dad at the church for a little festival fun.  There was SO much to do and it's something that I'm looking forward to taking Kinley to every year.  Outside, there was face painting, hair painting, bounce houses, blow up slides, bungee trampolines, and more.  Inside, there were more bounce houses set up in the gym and each room had a particular activity/game. 

Our sweet Angel with Sassy and Podge

She had so much fun playing with Papa Podge

After we hung out at the church for a couple of hours, we headed home to hand out some candy to the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  The past couple of years we have gone down to Miranda and Todd's house to hand out candy, so that's exactly what we did.  I think Kinley was more interested in trying to get a little candy of her own.  She loved playing in the candy bowl and mainly taking it all out piece by piece and dropping it on the ground.  I let her have a few licks on a sucker but that was about all the sugar she got for the day/night. 

 Our friend Eli "the Pirate" came and "Trick-or-treated" for some candy before he went to a few other houses for the night. 

 Sweet Rylynn even hung out with us for a little bit.

It was bedtime, but how about one last pic with Ady???  Kinley says, "not so much."  ha! 

First Halloween down, many more to go!!!

Pumpkin Carving

We had our Annual Pumpkin Carving with our neighbor friends the friday before Halloween.  Preston had a game that night so it was just me and Kinley.  It's kind of hard to carve a pumkin with an almost 9 month old but I managed to get baby K's pumpkin carved.  This was our 3rd year of carving and it's so much fun to get together with everyone.  This was Baylee and Kinley's first year.  I hope there are many more to come and more kiddos to add to the bunch.  Here are a few pics from the night.....

Getting ready to carve

The kiddos: Brayden, Eli, Baylee, and Kinley

Little Missy and her pumpkin
                    Her shirt says it all!

A quick break with Todd 

  What a wonderful night with great friends!!!  I can't wait for many more years.